Global IT Ventures

Managed world wide product planning and marketing organizations from concept, engineering, manufacturing , marketing and product life cycle management for Global Fortune 500 companies, including a cross-border commerce pipeline and infrastructure, multi-channel online to offline (O2O) commerce integration etc.

Mobile Wireless

Launched the industry-first third generation CDMA mobile data wireless project working closely with a mobile wireless technology venture. Extensive global project management experience that integrates innovative mobile hardware and software applications, middle-ware, and OEM project management services.  

Life Ventures

Non-invasive, real time detection technologies of bio-film and skin cancer diagnostic, working closely with life and bio ventures to integrates comprehensive cross-functional core team with multidisciplinary cross-sectional experience.

Intellectual Property

Patents are a notoriously daunting proposition, especially to early startups and tech ventures which do not have prior experience to develop a “bullet proof” and extensive intellectual property portfolio and IP strategy.

Investment Analysis

Cross-border Funds. International Finance.

Investment Analysis

Highly experienced financial expertise with both practical and analytical view of international investment analysis and financing that can be suitable to meet the client’s specific needs. 

Investment Project Management

Supervised numerous international projects and due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, technology venture investments and income-instrument & income property investment opportunities for both investment companies and private sector clients.

Research and Investment Strategy

Provided extensive research, investment analysis and growth business model for the the billion-dollar scale U.S. healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust.